🦅what is eagis

Easy to get Aegis with eagis. This is a security tool to protect you from NFT scams and phishing Websites.

Why need eagis?

For example, if you know the contract address of Coolcats' NFT, you can check if it is identical by comparing it with the contract address of your own NFT. In this respect, NFTs are excellent.

However, is the information in the NFT authentic? However, it may not be possible to determine whether the information in the NFT is genuine or fake just by looking at the NFT. There is no guarantee of the authenticity of information on the blockchain, and it is difficult to check.

Due to the above, images of NFTs listed on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea have been saved and sold as fake NFTs, or Twitter images have been sold as NFTs without permission.

In fact, according to OpenSea, more than 80% of NFTs out there are fake...

This is not the fault of NFTs, but of the people who make fake NFTs, but some creators have a false perception that "NFTs are evil".

In addition to NFT, there are many other issues that need to be addressed in order for web3 to be massively adopted, such as scam mint sites and fake DeFi sites, which are mainly found on the Discord.

So we listened to the creators and NFT collectors and decided to develop a web3-specific security tool. All of this is for the development of the web3 industry, and these are our missions.

What inspired us?

eagis was born out of a conversation on Twitter with Akim, the creator of our partner "VeryLongAnimals(VLA)". Back at the end of February 2022.

As the VLA became more popular, fakes appeared in OpenSea. And that is what Akim's seniors buy.

It was very sad that the VLA was plagiarized and the actual damage of buying it occurred.

This was the motivation that led to the development of eagis.